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Tiffany Lambert is a New York-born artist, raised in London to Antiguan parents. Her work explores the meanings and expressions of light, space patterns, and colour. Her background in Psychology & Sociology spurs her interests in semantics, societies, and black British narratives.

Tiffany- Aged 6

Tiffany has always been an artist; writing, drawing, colouring, and collecting her works on paper. She remembers aged 5 drawing a picture, she picked the dark brown in the pack to match her complexion, it was too dark. She then chose the only other brown in the colouring set, it also was too dark. This sparked her interest in colour and how it is perceived in the world. She recalls at 8 years old; her travels to Antigua and witnessing a sunset. It was at that moment, colour and the variations of it made sense. Now in her practice; Tiffany aims to bring colour to life with the saturation and mixing of pure colour, so that they’re a true reflection of what they are.

“My whole life is a colour story” – Tiffany Lambert (2019)


Being diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia at aged 22 and dealing with homelessness highlighted her depression and anxiety for her. Sufficient support wasn’t readily available for her so; it was at this point that Tiffany revisited her art practice and often refers to art as her therapy. You can read more about this journey here  

Now, Tiffany works from a small studio near her home in East London. She uses mediums such as acrylics, inks and oil paints to allow for intuitive techniques to negotiate the essence of colours shape and form. Water is an additional element which is essential to her practice. With an editing eye she adds to or subtracts from the work to reveal the true nature of the piece.

“The best things occur when I use my intuition.” – Tiffany Lambert 

Tiffany is stimulated by the narratives in the works of Faith Ringgold, Kerry Mae Weem’s, Lina Iris Vicktor, Rahim Johnson and Kerry Marshall. These negotiations around societial issues, cultural representation, ethnicity, space and identity speaks to her background in the social sciences and internal dialogues that Tiffany would further like to explore in her work. Such interests include questions around black British migration narratives the effects that had on the black family, self esteem and identity. She is also inspired by  the colour play in the works of Paul Cezanne and Frank Bowling. 

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